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Deck Equipment

Hydez has field engineers with extensive offshore experience in

Hydraulic system design and fabrication for offshore installation

of suction pile, mooring and riser.


We can custom design high performance and reliable hydraulic winch,

complete system with hydraulic power pack and integrated manifold

control, to meet stringest requirements for offshore construction and

installation .


Our hydraulic winch mechanical design is packaged with 3D

engineering modeling and FEM simulation software.


Standard/Optional Features of our winch design include:

 Driven by LSHT hydraulic motor or multi-stage reduction planetary gearbox with hydraulic motor.

 Integrated manifold block for winch control to your specific requirement.

 Multi-disc brake or friction brake band with spring applied and hydraulically or pneumatically released.

 Constant Tension, Free Wheeling/Circulation, dynamic braking, Multi Rotating speed, Counter-balance and Cross-Over Relief Function

 Design pressure range of 3,000Psi and 5000Psi

 Built for industrial, marine and offshore oil and gas application.

 Mooring and Pulling Winch

 Hoisting Equipment

 Recovery Winch

 Marine and Deck Equipment

Type/Area of Application

Hydraulic Power Pack

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Hydraulic Cylinder

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