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Hydraulic Power Pack

Hydez designs and builds custom engineered hydraulic power packs for

to suit your needs and requirements.


Standard Features of our power pack design:-

 Driven by Continuous-duty rated electric motor or diesel engine

 Modular Type of integrated manifold block to eliminate as much hard piping as possible.

 Built for industrial, marine and offshore oil and gas application.

 Pump control in an opened-loop circuit (suction circuit), in closed-loop circuit (boosted circuit) and semi opened-loop with make up.

 Hydraulic control system with constant displacement pump, variable displacement pump, load sensing & variable displacement pump, load sensing & constant displacement pump and system with secondary control.

 Design pressure range into 3,000Psi, 5000Psi, 6000Psi and up to 10,000 Psi (690 Bar).

 FREE of five most common mistakes in hydraulic system design.

 Proper piping, filtration and cooling system design.

 Always base on the actual maximum system flow..

 Offshore Oil and Gas

 Marine and Deck Equipment

 Lifting Equipment


 Test Equipment

Area of Application

Hydraulic Cylinder

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Deck Equipment

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